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Connecting people and space

Lebe Group
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Lebe Group

The Lebe Group has been operating in the commercial property market since 1990. The primary aim of the Lebe Group is to offer clients targeted and flexible tailor-made solutions in commercial housing, with both small and larger floor areas, up to around 10,000 m².


This is carried out on the basis of a self-developed, contemporary concept, which is centred on housing, networking and full-service. The Lebe Group has a total of 135,000 m² of commercial property providing support to other business centres. The available space includes offices, storage rooms and commercial premises.


The Lebe Group includes Lebe Business Centres, Sablones, Storagebox, Storagepark, Lebe City Campus and as well as a recently acquired 50% stake in H&P International Real Estate B.V., which has been operating in the field of international commercial property since 2004. We are able to offer surplus Asset and Property Management services.

Lebe Group


Multipurpose office centre

Sablones is an inspiring and trendy office building that enables the Lebe Group to firmly position itself in the flexible office market in North and South Limburg. To a greater extent than the Lebe Business Centers, Sablones is focused on young, ambitious and adventurous entrepreneurs. Here, a starter has the opportunity to grow from a flexible workplace for a number of days a week to an office space between 20 m² and 100 m². Sablones provides the entire range under one roof, from a fully facilitated meeting location or business lunch to a company party or challenging network meeting. 

Lebe Group


Additional private or corporate storage space

Need temporary storage space for your household effects, motorcycle, business inventory, records or stock? If so, then rent one of our boxes quickly and inexpensively. Storage, provided under the Storagebox brand, is also a specialty of the Lebe Group. Our Storagebox offices are located in Heerlen, Roermond, Sittard and Venlo.

Lebe Group


An innovative developement

StoragePark is an innovative and exceptional concept in Limburg. With the new construction of units for sale and rental, StoragePark in Sittard, Heerlen and Venlo has launched one of the most successful concepts ever. An innovative development with a view to housing, storage and distribution in the municipalities of Heerlen, Sittard and Venlo.

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Lebe Group

Real Estate

Business premises with a healthy result

The Lebe Group’s strategy is to acquire dated business premises at a favourable price. Our dedicated building team then sets to work on a project designed to renovate the building and update the facilities, in line with current standards. As a result, we now have an extensive supply of industrial premises of varying sizes.

Lebe Group

City Campus

Student residences in Venlo

Lebe City Campus supports students by providing affordable and spacious student accommodation in the centre of Venlo, just a few minutes from all schools. It offers modern facilities and an excellent service level. Experience your student years from a comfortable student residence, so that you can look back and say: those were the days! 

Lebe Group


Vital in Venlo

Lebe Vital is a unique vitality concept in Venlo and its surroundings. Based in a characterful building at Kaldenkerkerweg in Venlo, several specialists are engaged improving the vitality of body & mind. The goal of Lebe Vital is to create multi-disciplinary cross-fertilization. This offers one the major advantage of being able to schedule multiple appointments, workouts and therapies during a single visit. For both the specialist and the visiting client, this is an ideal basis to work on one’s health, fitness and vitality!

Lebe Group


Making optimal use of the possibilities of a building

The Lebe Group always looks beyond simply the current functions of a building. It may decide, for example, that a certain office location no longer meets the current user requirements, or that the location is no longer in demand for certain purposes. In such cases, the building might be converted into housing, or perhaps a conceptual project such as a vitality centre or care centre. All the possibilities are considered and weighed up before the final decision is made.

Lebe Group

Asset en

Property Management

H&P International Real Estate

H&P offers you flexible and suitable solutions for the asset, property and facility management of real estate. Of course, the quality of management aimed at optimising the returns on investments is paramount.


H&P can carry out the complete management of the property in accordance with the standard ROZ-Model, but also part of the duties involved in accordance with your personal requirements. We apply a similar model in Germany

Lebe Group

Lebe Business Centers

Market leader in commercial property

Lebe Business Centers are subsidiaries of the Lebe Group, which is the market leader in the small-scale business housing market in the south of the Netherlands. We are keen to maintain and strengthen this position. We pursue this objective by offering an expanding range of flexible business accommodation that is optimally tailored to market requirements. With a transparent organisation that guarantees its continuity through the professionalism of its staff and the setting of clear and measurable goals, we aim for maximum customer satisfaction.

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Lebe Group

Secure investment in our projects

No risk, guaranteed interest

Lebe Group offers a wide range of investment opportunities. These include investment in Lebe Business Centres, Storagepark, Storagebox, Sablones or one of our other projects. In doing so, you opt to invest in an exceptional property category which is rapidly expanding. Thanks to our concept, our properties are in great demand and our investments ensure a healthy performance and a solid return. As an investor in our real estate projects, you can rest assured that you will not suffer from stock market fluctuations, which you naturally would if you opted to invest in listed property funds.

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