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Lebe Group

A dynamic project developer

The Lebe Group has always been a dynamic project developer with its own distinct, creative approach. Thanks to years of experience, its two founders, Don Leeuw and Frank Berden, have a very broad knowledge of the commercial property market. With the Lebe Group, they adopt a non-traditional response to market developments by using a well thought-out concept that revolves around flexibility, customisation and a broad range of services.


A concept that is based on the optimal use of a building’s possibilities. Driven by that philosophy, the Lebe Group is constantly looking for potential properties and for partners who want to support us in our activities. Backed by the guarantee of a healthy performance and a solid return. 

The basic principle is to acquire dated business premises at favourable prices, renovate them with the group’s own building team to current standards and then rent them out. This has resulted in a portfolio comprising office and industrial properties of varying sizes, ranging from a few square metres to several thousands of square metres. Letting is based on flexible tailor-made contracts.


This allows tenants to scale up or down at any time without problems, but also to temporarily lease extra space at favourable rates.

Sablones Lebe Group
Lebe Group

Secure investment in our projects

Lebe Group offers a wide range of investment opportunities. These include investment in Lebe Business Centres, Storagepark, Storagebox, Sablones or one of our other projects. In doing so, you opt to invest in an exceptional property category which is rapidly expanding. Thanks to our concept, our properties are in great demand and our investments ensure a healthy performance and a solid return. As an investor in our real estate projects, you can rest assured that you will not suffer from stock market fluctuations, which you naturally would if you opted to invest in listed property funds.

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