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The Lebe Group aims for continued growth. We have our sights firmly set on further, carefully considered expansion. And that is why we are looking for people and parties who want to grow with us. Those keen to invest without risk, though with a favourable result. We offer you a fixed and guaranteed return on your invested capital of 4.25% with annual repayment and a 4.7% redemption-free return. We also guarantee a fixed interest rate and, of course, the return of your initial investment. 


Moreover, by investing in our projects, you do not face the problems associated with investments in equities, property bonds, general or limited partnerships. Each of these forms of investment involve both quite considerable transaction costs and a high degree of dependence on the expertise of the manager(s). We guarantee a fixed interest rate on your invested capital. No complicated constructions, no investment in limited partnerships whereby you and others run risks. 


No promise of high returns, which you ultimately fail to receive! On the contrary, a guaranteed interest and firm assurance that you will certainly recover your initial investment. A personal guarantee and a mortgage registration for larger investments. 

Investing in our projects offers a safe growth future and a guaranteed return on your investment

Growth without risk

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Lebe Group

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